The Shamparadora


So this is what happens when you want ALL the bracelets ;)

I introduce to you the Shamparadora!!!

Shamballa style beading and knotting using Paracord and Pandora style beads… oh yeah :D

I recommend the Make It and Fake It tutorial to give you an idea of how to knot a Shamballa style bracelet.

I also recommend the Parcord Bracelet tutorial I linked previously for help with working with Paracord.

I used the knotting technique found on Trinkets in Bloom to fasten it.

I got my Pandora style beads from The Bead Shop in Manchester.

And all of this came from my addiction to Pinterest ;)

Paracord bracelet


Made using the following tutorial found on Pinterest:

Not only am I very happy with how this turned out, so is my husband who hasn’t taken it off since I made it. The tutorial is very easy to follow and the bracelet is very quick to make, even if you have never tried anything like this before.

I am now officially addicted to Paracord…



Made based on the following Ideas found on Pinterest.


Needs more work before I’m happy with it, the pocket is too short and it bags out a lot, so will add in a few more rows and maybe some buttons.

Beading fun


Getting Organised!

I’ve gone on a mad kind of de-clutter frenzy the last week. It all started with a plan to de-clutter that was just sat fermenting in the back of my brain, then my old washing machine decided it had had enough and it died.

I could probably have called in a repairman, but for it’s age it wasn’t worth it, and to be honest, I absolutely hated the noisy old clunker. So I gleefully went on-line and started comparing makes and prices and finally settled on this:

It has "Shhh" written on it :D


While I was doing that, my husband was desperately trying to resurrect the old one and ended up, not on failing, but soaking all the stuff that clutters up the cupboard under the sink.

I sent him packing, ordered the new machine and started clearing out the cupboard. I did not want to just throw everything back in though as the declutter idea was still playing around in my noggin, so I got rid of as much as I could and then nipped to The Range and got a set of these:

Not just for veggies

Not just for veggies!

And now all my dish towels, detergents etc are stacked away all nice and neat.

Now, here I am procrastinating on My Crap, while I should be restoring order to the understairs cupboard. It has been completely emptied, cleaned, vacuumed and polished and there is not longer a free space on any surface in my dining room. I’ve already filled the stackable shelves I bought to put things in but I may need MANY more.

Whose idea was this anyway, who in their right minds would put themselves through this de-cluttering crap anyway, it least the clutter was hidden, now it’s EVERYWHERE!!! WHAAAAA….

Etsy Shop

So I’ve just listed my first item on Etsy, I’m keeping it simple to begin with by listing some original digital paintings to be used as desktop wallpapers. These will be inexpensive and include the right to print out a copy to use in the home.

Here’s my first one :D

Cerevisi Etsy Shop – The Dreamer’s Eye

Crochet stuff







Carambola Origami Flower by Carmen Sprung

Carambola Origami

I found the tutorial for this pinned on Pintrest and had to give it a try.

You can find the video tutorial HERE

Here’s my first attempt. I’ll use nicer paper next time :)




Still going strong

I’ve not blogged for a while but I just wanted to let it be known that I’m still on the diet and still doing well. I’ve lost about 25lbs so far and am well on track to reach my goal loss this year :D

In the mean time, I’m going to extend this blog a little as I’m going “Pintrest” mad and need somewhere to put photos of the many crafty projects that have been consuming me over the last few weeks.